Cygnet Folk Festival
7–9 January 2022

Applications close at midnight on 16 April 2021.

Act Availability

The Festival officially starts at 6 pm on Friday 7 January and ends at 11 pm on Sunday 11 January.

All acts selected are programmed across the weekend and are expected to be available for the entire festival including possible selection in the Sunday night Director's Concert and Cabaret which are programmed over the Festival weekend.

The data submitted is verified before the application is evaluated and reused elsewhere such as your act's bio on the festival website. We request that all text should be appropriately formatted and spell-checked to save our busy volunteer crew's time!

Please don't use ALL CAPS, or all-lowercase (except email addresses), especially with names of people, acts, and places. For example, your town eg Cygnet; the full name of your home state eg Tasmania, not Tas or TAS, Australian Capital Territory, not ACT, New South Wales, not NSW.

Before completing the form below, please read the Performer Guidelines and Information document by clicking here

Once you have submitted your application, you will be emailed a confirmation with a link which you can use to make changes to your application up until midnight 30 April 2020.

Thanks for taking the time to apply to play at Cygnet Folk Festival . 

Please fill in the following details with care and good luck from the Cygnet Folk Festival team!

Programming Enquiries

Application Form Enquiries and Issues

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CabaretFolk RootsFusionInstrumentalPoetSinger-songwriterThemed PresentationTradWorkshopDance BandContemporary Folk RockBluesBluegrass/AmericanaAccapella/Choral GroupCalled DancesCelticChildren's ActClassicalCommunity GroupWorld Music

Where is your act normally based?

This information must be correct as it affects the terms and conditions of contracting, accommodation and logistics.

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If your act resides outside of Australia, please enter the country of residence.

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Please give us a 30-50 word description of your live performance and musical style. This will be used in our program guide so make it a good one.

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Applications will only be considered from acts that have nominated the number of performers in their line-up.

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Primary Contact

Please indicate if you will be the primary contact during the festival. Only one is required for each act. If you are a solo performer, you must select Primary Contact.

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Support Material

We PREFER auditioning by streaming sources such as Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or Facebook Artist Pages etc – especially Youtube!

We appreciate that some artists may not be using these services, so there is also an option to upload files.


If you have YouTube videos, please create a playlist of your audition material and copy/paste that link into the field below.

Do not expect our selectors to search for your content!

If you have Spotify audio tracks, please create a playlist of your audition material and copy/paste that link into the field below.

Do not expect our selectors to search for your content!

If you have Soundcloud audio tracks, please create a playlist of your audition material and copy/paste that link into the field below.

Do not expect our selectors to search for your content!

This link should be to an official Facebook Page for your act – NOT a personal FB account!

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Facebook Artist Page

If you do NOT have streaming access, you can upload up to 5 files that best represent your work for use in selection, streaming and media. Please include a live performance video wherever possible.

Video files must be MP4. We do not have unlimited file storage so the video format must be compressed suitable for web use.

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Please upload an up-to-date photo of your act.

Please note that the image will not be displayed in your application form, but rest assured, it works reliably and we'll let you know if there are any issues.

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Please select one or more types of performances that your act can provide.

Performance Types *
General ConcertThemed ConcertWorkshopChildren's Themed ActChildren's WorkshopDance ShowProcession/Roving ShowOther (street theatre, puppetry, visual art, etc)

Performance Title

If you are only offering a general concert you do not need to complete this section.

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Please enter the name of the performance

Please enter a brief description of the performance, including relevant details such as age group for children's shows, ability levels for workshops, callers for dances, etc

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If you are offering a children's themed concert or workshop do you hold a Registration to Work with Vulnerable People?

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Performance Fee

Please quote your fee excluding GST. When considering your fee, please remember that the Cygnet Folk Festival is a small, self-funded, not-for-profit Festival run by volunteers.

Fee Guidelines:

Tasmanian acts: Single artist – $100–150, Duo – $150–$250, Band – $200 to $600 dependent on the number of members plus weekend passes for performers.

Tasmanian dance groups/choirs/community performance groups: Up to $150 or season tickets. A day pass is provided for members if performances are on one day only or for large groups.

Interstate acts: Artists might like to consider the base fees for local artists and then add travelling costs to arrive at a figure. We are aware that many of you quote even below this which is much appreciated and makes it possible to book a greater range and number of acts.

International acts: Fees are negotiable but in general the offered fee can range anywhere between $500 and $4000 dependent on the number of artists in the act, suitability and appeal to the Festival. Airfares are not provided by the Festival. Artists are responsible for arranging their own visas and transport to and from the airport. Ground travel from Hobart to Cygnet is provided.

We do acknowledge that higher fees are generally required by full-time professional musicians/artists than by hobbyists (or performers with “day jobs”).

Requested Fee

Public Liability Insurance

It is a requirement of the Festival's public liability insurance that all members of a paid act must be covered by either an “act” policy which clearly states that all members of the act are covered or each individual member must have their own insurance cover.

If your act is selected you will be required to forward proof of public liability insurance as part of the contract acceptance process. The minimum required level of indemnity for any one occurrence is AUD$20,000,000.

The Certificate of Public Liability Insurance MUST explicitly state the name of the act or performers covered, and also that it covers public performance activities. If you are offering a workshop, it must state that it covers this activity also. A business policy which does not explicitly state that it covers performance will not be accepted.

If your current certificate expires before the 2022 Festival, we will still require a copy of this, and a copy of the new certificate when you renew your policy.

If a performance fee is requested, I understand and accept that every member of the act will be required to have public liability insurance cover with a minimum level of indemnity for any one occurrence of AUD$20,000,000.

Public Liability *

Has your act played previously at Cygnet Folk Festival?

Select any year that applies.

Previous Years

As the primary contact and act representative, I confirm that:-

I am responsible for supplying all act information.

I confirm the act will be available to perform over the entire Festival weekend from 6 pm Friday 7 January to 11 pm Sunday 9 January 2022 including possible selection to perform in the Sunday night Director's Concert & Cabaret.

I have read and accept the terms & conditions as stated in the Performer Guidelines & Information which can be viewed HERE

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