Billet Host Application

Cygnet Folk Festival
14–16 January 2022

Applications close at midnight on 12 September 2021.

Guidelines and Information

The Cygnet Folk Festival relies on the hospitality of community members to provide accommodation for overseas and interstate visitors. Each year the Festival committee receives wonderful feedback from many of those who provided billets telling us how much they enjoyed having their performers stay with them. If you live in Cygnet or are within a 20-minute driving distance, we would love to hear from you.

Period of Accommodation

Accommodation is required for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of the Festival weekend, Jan 14–16, 2022 inclusive.

Meals – Breakfast Only

We ask that breakfast be supplied to performer guests.

Volunteer Benefits

The Volunteer Thank You is held on Monday afternoon at a time and venue to be confirmed closer to the event. Catering and some limited drinks will be provided.

Billet Host Passes

Free passes are offered to accommodation hosts on the following negotiable basis:

  • 1 x weekend pass or 2 x day passes for bed & breakfast accommodation for up to 3 x people
  • 2 x weekend passes or 4 x day passes for bed & breakfast accommodation for 4 or more people.

How to Register

Registration to provide accommodation for performers can be made using the following form.

First Name*
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Accomodation Name*
Street Address*
A number of our supporters are so enthusiastic that they apply for more than one role! Some volunteers are also billet hosts, and some billet hosts may be artists. To ensure the smooth operation of our management processes, we need to know if you are applying to help in more than one area. Thanks!

Are you also intending to apply to be a volunteer at the festival?

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If there are two hosts, please provide the secondary name here

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How far is your accommodation from Cygnet?

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How long does it take to drive from Cygnet from your accommodation?

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Are you able to offer transport to your performers during the festival?

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Are you able to pick up your billets from the festival site when they first arrive?

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Are you able to host children with parent(s)?

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Use this section to provide details of room(s) you are offering

If you only have one room, simply complete this section and continue.

If you have more than one room, use the + Add another link to add another.

Enter 1 for Room 1, 2 for Room 2, etc.

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Are you able to accommodate individual dietary requirements?

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Festival pass preferences

If you are asked to host 1–3 people, you will be offered ONE Adult Weekend Pass OR TWO Adult One Day passes.

If you are asked to host 4–6 people, you will be offered TWO Adult Weekend passes.

Please nominate your preference and specify which day/s if you wish to have the Day passes.

Please note: Sometimes when we have more single performers than couples needing billets, double beds may be occupied by only one person. Therefore, if two doubles are occupied by only two single performers, only ONE Weekend pass or TWO Day passes will be offered.

Passes *
Adult Weekend PassFriday Day PassSaturday Day PassSunday Day Pass
* Denotes required information